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Living in a country other than your own can be beneficial. These advantages are due to the favourable climate it offers to these immigrants. This is the case of the United Kingdom, which is one of the nations with the most expatriates in the world. Since its withdrawal from the European Union, the administrative procedures for moving to the UK have changed. With these changes, following Brexit, immigration to the UK has become more selective.

Administrative procedures for moving to the UK

Before Brexit, moving to the UK was simple and less demanding for EU members. But, since the advent of Brexit, many things have changed, particularly in the UK immigration process. EU member or not, the procedure has become the same. Indeed, the UK’s immigration policy has become very selective in order to increase the benefits of immigration for both the UK and expatriates. Since 1 January 2021, applying for a visa to work in the UK has become compulsory for all prospective immigrants. The visa is obtained once the applicant has managed to score 70 points according to government criteria. In addition, there is now a visa application fee and an immigration health surcharge which allows the expatriate to be covered by the NHS (National Hospital Service). To obtain the 70 points, it is compulsory to obtain 50 points per

  • a promise of employment validated by the home policy office (20 points)
  • fluent English: level B1 (10 points)
  • proof of annual earnings of at least €25,600 (20 points)

The remaining 20 points for meeting the ideal conditions to obtain the visa are collected by additional criteria such as

  • Working in the field of health or education (20 points)
  • Justify an annual salary of more than €25,600 (10 to 20 points)

Also, the passport is necessary to facilitate administrative procedures.

Why move to the UK

Life away from home is sometimes unique and invaluable. Life away from home is sometimes unique and invaluable. Indeed, it is a nation of wonderful cities, both aesthetic and historical.

·         The benefits of moving to the UK

Among the benefits of moving to the UK is the drastic improvement in the level of spoken and written English. Remember that English is and remains the dominant international language. Also, as an entrepreneur, taxes are very affordable compared to nations in the sub-region or the world. In addition, there is more talent to be found there than anywhere else in the world because of its selective immigration policy. Finally, thanks to these five airports, you can easily travel anywhere in the world without wasting time.

·         The disadvantages of moving to the UK

Despite the many advantages of moving to the UK, there are some rare disadvantages such as the high cost of some cities such as London… Indeed, in London, even public transport is exorbitantly expensive. Being a very large country, getting from one place to another can take a long time.

Steps to take when moving to the UK

In order to move to the UK, it is necessary to complete the required administrative procedures such as obtaining a visa. Also, the passport is a necessary document to facilitate administrative procedures. In addition, it is important to declare your departure to the tax authorities and to the bank. Finally, you must register with the National Hospital Service (NHS) in order to benefit from health care services in the event of a health problem.

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