International Removals

Let Us Take The Stress Out Of Moving House

Our removal service in Bromley, Surrey and London is designed to make moving easy and painless. Let us help with your packing and manage the transfer of your furniture and possessions to your new home – while you rest easy knowing you are working with professionals.

Helping You Get To Your Destination

Moving abroad is exciting but can also be stressful, especially if you have a lot of possessions to move. At Planco Removals we provide a swift and efficient international removals service that will get all your possessions to your destination in one piece.

We will professionally pack all of your goods and personal effects in your own individual pallets. This will then be shipped with the most trusted and reliable international couriers. If you have many goods to send or have extra large items we can send these in 20 ft or 40 ft shipping containers which are safe, sturdy and durable.

Our shipping times are some of the quickest in the industry and you will have your goods in your new country with little to no waiting time.

Moving overseas

We can book your own dedicated shipping container, Pack it, seal it and ship it directly to the port. This service is straightforward and transportation times are shorter compared to shared or groupage services. As part of our overseas moving service, here are some transit options available to you.

    • Shared or grouped shipments

In case, you don’t take a full house during your overseas move, Planco Removals offers container sharing with other customers going to the same destination. This is a cost-effective method of transit, but shipping times are generally long due to the consolidation period before departure. It should be noted that Planco Removals provides shared or consolidated shipping services to more destinations than any other company in the world.

    • Airfreight

Air freight offers a shorter transit time. In fact, for items you need urgently, air freight is the right option. Your goods will be well packaged and secured by us so that everything goes as planned.

Moving within Europe

For European destinations, Planco Removals provides regular moving services. From this range of services, take your pick and enjoy a smooth and secure move across the continent. Of all the services offered by Planco Removals, the delivery date has become an issue that has been resolved over time. In fact, the fact that shared shipping depends on other customers does not prevent you from defining your delivery date. Your merchandise will be automatically stored in our local warehouse and then delivered to your home on the date you specify. In addition, Planco Removals provides guaranteed shared-load services to most European destinations.

Shipping your pet

For customers with pets, Planco Removals offers a pet moving service to destinations around the world. From one coordination center, you can now ship your furniture and pets at the same time.

Planco Removals offers customers moving internationally a pet travel service to destinations around the world. This means that you can now arrange for your furniture to be shipped and your pets to be moved at the same time, from one central coordination point.

International baggage shipping

Of all the international moving companies, Planco Removals is by far the best. As one of the largest shippers in the world, we provide international shipping of unaccompanied luggage and personal effects to expatriates and clients of all kinds. So if you are planning to send some luggage overseas, we can handle the collection, shipment and delivery of your personal effects.

Why Choose Planco for International Removals?

Professional Packing

Your items will be individually wrapped, bubble wrapped and secured to your pallets. You can have complete peace of mind that your items will be safe and protected.

Speedy Shipping

We can internationally ship to over 125 countries. Wherever you need to go, your items will get there when you need them.

Fully Insured

In the very rare instance that there should be a problem with your delivery, we are covered with insurance, so you won’t ever have to worry.