Domestic Removals

Let Us Take The Stress Out Of Moving House

Our removal service in Bromley, Surrey and London is designed to make moving easy and painless. Let us help with your packing and manage the transfer of your furniture and possessions to your new home – while you rest easy knowing you are working with professionals.

Total Removal Services in Bromley

At Planco Removals we can take care of all of your removal needs. Just let us know the property you live in, the number of rooms and where you are located and we’ll do the rest. We will provide expert packing and loading, and transport it in quick time to your new home. We’ll then unload it and unpack it should you require that service.

We move

  • Flats
  • 1/2/3+ Bedroom Houses
  • Clearance and House Clearance Items

High Quality Transportation

The right vehicles are critical to your move and we use modern, safe vans that are regularly inspected to ensure that your possessions are transported the right way. Our vehicles also have tail lifts which allow us to quickly load any large and unwieldy items that you may have. Whatever your job entails, you can be sure that we have all the necessary equipment at our removals in Bromley.

Expert Removal Specialists

At Planco Removals, all of our removal specialists are reliable, experienced and possess all of the know-how to proficiently move all of your cherished goods and possessions. We take great care when packing and unloading your things.

All of our staff are stringently vetted and insured so you can have total peace of mind when we handle your goods, from packing – to transit – and to unloading and unpacking your possessions at your new home.

Residential Storage

If you need to store anything at all, we know all the places which will be close to your location and offer affordable pricing. Maybe you just need storage, or maybe you require removals only, or perhaps you need both! Whatever is the case our specialists will be able to find the right solution for your needs. For more information about storage in London or Surrey, get in touch with our removals company in Bromley.

Box Supply

Moving homes requires a lot of preparation and some essential materials. Bubble wrap, boxes, labels and tape are all needed if you want your move to go smoothly and without hitches. Of course, at Planco Removals we have all of the materials and equipment you should need. Just let us know beforehand and we will be able to bring everything that you need to make your move perfect.

Box Prices:

Standard Box (19.7″ x 12.8″ x 10.2″) – £3.10

Large Box (15.7″ x 15.7″ x 19.7″) – £4.40

The Removal Process


During initial consultations, we’ll need some information such as the type of property you reside in, how many rooms there are, and where you are moving to. We’ll also need an idea of what needs moving such as large furniture items and the number of clothes and home wear, as this can vary significantly in every home.

Moving Day

During moving day, we will park as close as possible to your property. It is essential that you organise a space. If you cannot do so, we can park in a pay and display space, and add the cost to your final bill. We’ll then load all of your possessions into our vehicles.


We’ll use GPS to direct us when we take your possessions to your final destination. We’ll let you know right away if there are delays to the journey.


Once at your new property, it is also important that you have organised a parking space for us. We will then carefully unload all of your possessions into your new home. If you need special assistance unpacking and fitting anything, we’ll be able to help with that.

Be prepared