How much does it cost to move within the UK?

Since the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, much has changed in this part of the world. However, this has not prevented international removals from continuing despite the difficulties faced by the removal system. The cost of the move varies according to the type of move used. When it is a local move, the removal process is easier and faster than when it is an international move.

Budget for moving within the UK

When making a move, it is essential to plan a budget. To establish this, the first thing to consider is the movers’ criteria. These criteria include: the total volume of goods (objects, furniture, etc.), the service required and the level of guarantees required. These different criteria are used to establish the removal estimate. In addition, there is the volume of the move. It allows you to estimate the budget for your move. To calculate this, simply use a removal volume calculator on the Internet.

Cost of international removals in the UK

Dealing with the problems associated with moving is no easy task, especially when it comes to moving to the UK. Amongst the difficulties associated with moving home, the cost of the move stands out. Difficult to predict, but not impossible, although it varies according to the region from which you want to move.

If we take the case of France as an example, a minimum of £250 is required for 1 m³ of object to be moved, not forgetting to add the price of insurance. However, the mode of transport is the most important variable that influences the cost of the move. These include :

·         Moving by container

As the fastest mode of transport (used) with a travel time of 6 to 10 weeks, it has become the preferred mode of transport. The price is £100 per m³ with a range of £845 to £3400.

·         Moving by air

It is the least used (unused) mode of transport, probably because of its high cost. Indeed, for a weight of 100 kg to be moved, it is necessary to pay a colossal sum of £1700. It goes without saying that the more it weighs, the higher the price to pay.

·         Moving by road

As you would expect, this is the most economical mode of transport. However, the delivery time is longer compared to other modes of transport.

Please note! All amounts listed are estimates only and may give you a preconceived idea of how much it will cost to move to the UK

Cost of moving locally: London, Manchester…

There are many reasons why any individual might decide to embark on a local move to the UK. Amongst these reasons are professional transfers or even the need for a change of scenery.

Indeed, it should be noted that in both cases, this requires a certain cost to be paid. Taking the example of a move to London, accommodation alone can take between £1100 and £1600 (or £1000 to £1400). In Manchester, the rent is half the price (between £500 and £700). All this without mentioning the cost of moving.

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