How can you prepare your children for a move?

Children are complex. Explaining certain life events to them is of paramount importance. The same applies to moving house. It is essential to make them understand this process of life so that your relationship with them and their state of mind is not affected by the move. In order to successfully adapt your children to this reality, you must prepare them before and after the move.

Setting the stage with children’s books on moving

There are many books to prepare your children for moving. These books are particularly aimed at young children (2 to 6 years old). This preparation for moving is a pre-move stage. It is about giving children a taste for adventure. Their enthusiasm for the move will be even greater than normal. With these books, your children will get an insight into “what it’s like to move”.

Tell them about the upcoming event

Communication is very crucial in a family. It is the basis for a good parent-child relationship. So informing your children about the move may be a bit of a shock. Please talk to them about it calmly, while being patient and tolerant of their reaction. Then, explain the reasons for such an event and tell them about the advantages that moving will have on their family life and especially on their life.

However, there is still a problem that needs to be solved. No one is ready to part with their friends, let alone their children. For them, friends are like family, their whole world. So, you will have to act with care so as not to ruin your move without stress. To do this, promise to keep them in touch with their friends by any means, via the internet (video conferencing via zoom or other applications) or by visiting your old town a few times. Don’t forget to keep your promise, as it is a guarantee of a good parent-child relationship.

Involve them in the moving process

In the hope of a smooth move with your children, encourage them to give their input on the choice of house, décor, rooms and so on. Make sure that they thrive while interacting with the moving process. Start by taking a tour of the city and introducing them to the surrounding schools. It will do them a world of good to get a change of scenery. Also, have them pack their toys for the move. This should be more of a game than a task for them.

Adapting your children to your new life

Once the move has been made, encourage them to unpack their boxes. Make it a game for them. In this way, you will get them to adapt to the new environment. With this in mind, enrol them in extracurricular activities in your new city. Be very attentive and patient with them as it may be that the change of environment has had an influence on them. Indeed, you may find that they are still stressed or even revert to old habits such as bedwetting. In any case, only patience and care will help them to adapt to this new environment.

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