Ten (10) property websites to find a flat in the UK

If you are planning to move to the UK, housing will be one of your top priorities. Her Majesty’s country has no shortage of options, and often breathtaking regions. Below you will find information on websites that offer accommodation services.

French touch properties ltd

Relocation experts since 2005, providing personalized and tailor-made services. With a unique understanding of London and its real estate market, the dynamic team of French Touch will do their best for your leasing, acquisition and office/commercial projects.

GAAM international

GAAM International is a real estate agency specializing in relocation to London, looking for and finding your dream home in the center of the British capital. GAAM International was born from a simple observation: finding property in the UK (especially London) can quickly become a real headache, no matter what your situation is (whether you are a family, an overseas professional or a student). Property supply is scarce, demand is strong, and real estate agents are numerous: finding a house in London is time-consuming and laborious, and it is rarely easy! Whatever your task, new job, new family life or study in London is, GAAM International will make it an absolutely successful experience.


Wherever you are or wherever you want to stay in the UK, expat is the solution to your problem. Indeed, it is a website designed to accommodate anyone who wants to stay anywhere, even in the UK. It has studios and flats of all kinds at reasonable and negotiable prices.


RoomGo was previously known as EasyRoommate, which makes it easy to find a new home. Renters simply enter their area of interest and start scrolling through thousands of offers. Rooms are manually checked and trips with the owner can be easily arranged directly from the website. In addition, tenants can see people looking in the same area and find suitable candidates for their flatmates.

Open rent

Open Rent offers different functions to tenants and owners, ensuring that the needs of both are met. The site claims to have over 1.5 million users, and they all pay no admin fee (this can save you around £300!). Enter the crowd and search for your ideal room based on travel time, area or budget.


Gumtree was established in London in 2000. Despite 20 years of hard work in finding the best prices in the rental market, they have no intention of stopping to update these goals. All this, with the aim of satisfying their customers. The graphics are beautiful and clear, allowing users to get in touch with the owner in the easiest way. Bonus point: the platform is active almost everywhere in the world, so wherever you are, plan your trip with Gumtree.


Like expat, booking is a website with studios and flats of all kinds all over the world. Of course in the UK, flats are affordable no matter where you are staying. With the experience it has gained over the years, booking has proven its ability to meet the expectations of its customers.

Hostel World

Even having a mobile application, Hostel World is doing its best to be closer to you. Its aim is to satisfy its customers whatever their needs. With this in mind, Hostel World has set up several flats in the UK to cater for your needs.


Now known as Abritel, this site offers low-cost holiday rental services throughout the UK. With a mobile application (Abritel homeaway), it offers these services at affordable prices while being close to its customers.


Rightmove is a website designed to identify the most popular place to buy in the UK. In order to satisfy its customers, Right Move has pre-selected studios and flats in the UK at a lower cost.

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